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Innovative USA Handcrafted Knives ...

I am pleased that you have visited my webpage Quest Custom Knives.  The launch of Quest Custom Knives in 2013 is the summation of a lifelong quest for innovation in American design, engineering, and craftmanship.

Throughout my 25-year quest as a master craftsman I have worked as a product designer, engineer, machinist and artist and have had the opportunity to create innovative consumer, sporting and medical products.  Despite my incredible output of innovation, I was never satisfied – until the opportunity to create tactical custom knives presented myself when my father, an avid angler and hunter, asked me to build him his dream skinner knife. 

One knife request led to another as my custom knives quickly gained reputation as knives that were stronger, sharper, more elegant, and innovative. 

My goal is to design, engineer, and handcraft your dream knife at my USA shop. Whether it be a folding knife, flipper, or fixed knife, I believe a custom knife can be designed and crafted in the USA at an affordable price.

When you see my signature G2 on your knife, which stands for my Initials in my name, Greg Goeckel, you can be rest assured every attention in detail has been crafted.

Thanks again for visiting my website, I look forward to designing and crafting your dream knife into reality.


Greg Goeckel,

Designer, Engineer, Craftsman

Quest Custom Knives

Custom Micro Kwaiken "MESH" Flippers Available now!